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Latest Posts

Health Insurance Audits, Corrections and COBRA - Oh My!

Monthly audits of your health insurance bills can avoid lawsuits and COBRA penalties. The new year has started and one of the projects you’ve been given is to audit your health insurance plans to make sure the bills are accurate.

aCA By the Numbers for 2020

New ACA Affordability Percentage and Penalty rates for 2020 are here - are you ready?  

Tis the Season for-ACHOO-Handling the Flu Season at Work

The flu season is the time of year when the sound of coughing or sneezing can send a definite chill through the office.  In today’s fast paced work environment, the last thing you want to see is one of your employees sitting at their desk, tissue in one hand and cough drop in the other while trying to assist your customers.

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