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  • Not enough time to ensure all the rules are followed?
  • Unsure how to handle former employee questions when you don't know the answer?
  • Worried about penalties or lawsuits that can be thousands of dollars?
COBRA Administrative Services

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Employer fined $36,500 for failure to provide the general notice of COBRA rights to a spouse. . .

For many employers the liability for failing to comply with the COBRA regulations can be catastrophic.  Failure to provide the general notice of COBRA rights to the spouse is one area that many employers miss.  COBRA penalties and lawsuits can quickly add up and take a large bite out of your bottom line.

The employer may be responsible for medical claims! Did you know that if you don't provide a COBRA Notice, you could be liable to pay medical claims?  It's true.  There is no federal statute of limitations.  In states that do have one, the clock doesn't start until the COBRA beneficiary becomes aware of their rights.  You could be sued years after the qualifying event.  If you lose, you got it--the employer, not the insurance carrier must reimburse the COBRA beneficiary for any claims incurred during the coverage period. 

The continuation of coverage portion of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is one of the most litigated areas of employee benefit plans.  

Affordable Care Act Does Not Negate COBRA Requirements for Employers.

Employers must still offer COBRA coverage.  In fact, the Affordable Care Act has added to the complexity of COBRA Administration due to the coordination that may be required between the employer-sponsored health plan and the Health Insurance Marketplace.  

The Health Insurance Marketplace plans will be another option for COBRA eligible individuals to consider, but COBRA may still be the best option for some individuals.

  • If Deductible for the Year has been met, COBRA may be better than a Marketplace plan
  • Dental and Vision plans may not be available in the Marketplace
  • Coverage in the Marketplace may leave gap in coverage period

Complex Questions: Not knowing the answer can  Create a Liability

Integration with Medicare, disabled employees and coordination with the Affordable Care Act are just a few of the areas that require expertise to handle.  As with most regulations, providing the wrong answer can land you in court.   The right COBRA Administrative Service provider can help limit your liability!

It Takes Time to do it Right:  Doing it wrong can be costly!

Having procedures that are followed by every member of your team can be time consuming with training, administration and auditing to ensure things are being done right.  

The last thing you want to find out while preparing for a court case is your procedures were not followed, or didn't exist at all.  Or worse, you have no documentation to prove you supplied the required notices in a timely manner.  

Doing it right the first time saves the bottom line!

BCL HR Helper COBRA Administrative Services

Save Time and Money!


BCL HR Helper will send out all required notices and keep a record.  We have your back if you need it!

Personalized Support

Reach a live person to help with questions.  No automated chat boxes or endless prompts!

Full Admin Services

Notices, monthly billing, eligibility management and open enrollment all handled in one place.

BCL HR Helper provides a Menu of Options to assist you with the complex area of COBRA Administration...

No one-size-fits-all solution here.  We customize the service to provide your organization with the perfect fit.  It's the solution to your COBRA Administrative Service needs:

  • Streamlined process from qualified event to end of COBRA saves time.
  • Over 20 years of experience ensures compliance
  • Documentation is kept to provide should the need arise
  • Personalized service means you deal with a live person

BCL HR Helper COBRA Administrative Services:

A full menu of options are available:

  • General (Initial) COBRA Notice of Rights
  • ACA Exchange Notification
  • HIPAA Special Enrollment Notification
  • COBRA Qualifying Event Notice and Election Form
  • All other required notices
  • Billing/Payment tracking
  • Eligibility Management with Insurance Carrier(s)
  • Open Enrollment Notification/Management
  • Health Insurance Marketplace assistance
  • 800 Number for requests and/or questions
  • Voluntary Continuation Coverage plans for Churches and other Non-profits
  • COBRA services for state continuation coverage
  • COBRA provided free by an insurance carrier?  We can provide COBRA for benefits provided from a different carrier (i.e. dental and vision offered through another carrier than medical)

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COBRA Administrative Services

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Robin Benton


Meet the Owner

Robin Benton has worked for 37 years building a foundation in the human resource and welfare benefit administration experience. With 17 years in the insurance field, she has worked  in every aspect of the industry, including billing, product design, compliance and computer automation. The complex field of Federal Regulations, including communicating and implementing them efficiently, is one of her specialties.

For over 20 years, as a small business owner and CEO of BCL Systems, Inc., she assists small- to mid-sized companies navigate the confusing realm of Federal Regulations. As a recognized expert, she has been a national speaker, assisted with development of national training programs for ECFC and NAPBA and provided training for other benefit professionals.

My Insurance Carrier Will Do This for Free

Anytime you can receive a service for free its a good thing but there are a few things to consider while you're making this important decision for your company:

Using BCL HR Helper COBRA Administrative Services

  • Calls are answered by an individual
  • Focus is on ensuring you are in compliance
  • Resources are devoted to keeping up-to-date on regulations
  • Continuity of Records
  • Expertise in all things COBRA

Using Free COBRA Administrative Services

  • Inquiries are normally handled using some type of automated system
  • Focus is on handling medical claims and medical insurance inquiries
  • Resources are devoted to maintaining health insurance products
  • If you change insurance carriers, you lose all your COBRA history
  • May not handle COBRA for all benefits if insurance carrier does not handle dental, vision, HRA, FSA, etc.

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